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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cookies for free gift @ Fabulous Mom Flea Market 17.04.10

Business in business..hehee.. Anyway thanks to Fatma for the order.
By the same time promo my product ..tq. Cookies as free gift to her
customer who bought her product.

For ladies especially ..

for kids ...

There are should be 2 snowman in the list,
but one snowman 'patah pinggang' already.

Cookies to bring to Kuching by Liza

This round I'm using royal & glaze icing for decorate.
Various designs created as per requested by Liza, from Kuching to KL
for a one week training. Thanks Liza.

Insect cookies .. hehe..

Swet pink set for ladies

Ready for delivery. In flight with Liza to Kuching ..

Fancy cookies for ITM Pahang Reunion 17.04.10

80 units of cookies, I prefer to decorated with fondant - manage to make it ready on time.
Ordered by fren of mine (Mimi) for her sister.. with sweet colors & simple design for the reunion
which held @ Rebung, Bangsar on last Saturday.

Some of the cookies .. ready to decorate

Waiting for dry ..

Ready for delivery

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cookies for class reunion 10.04.10

Cookies for class reunion yesterday, ARGS batch  87 - 91/93 as a doogift.  This is my 1st cookies decorated with fondant. Purposely made all in pink for all sweet ladies .... really unforgettable memorable moment.

(Pic quite blurr - using hp camera)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hantaran cake in white & gold theme

This 10"   'hantaran' cake special for Ann,  my ex-officemate for her brother Dev's engagement.  1st layer was covered with marzipan then full fondant. With theme white and gold as a specific request from her. 

Covered with marzipan on 1st layer

Fancy cookies again

Story on fancy cookies again. This is my project during early of last week.  Various of design was created for Ezna .  Some of the designs were cut manually as I dun have the cutter or no cutter for the specific design in the market i.e love with arrow, big bee, bunny, fish, balloon, big apple, big double love, men suit and big cup.  But I still not expert in coloring the football design. See the cookies ! How bad it is..still tunggang langang the black and white color. I will try to improve it.

Set for bridal from Ezna to her friend.