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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blueberry Cheese Cake 30.7.09

For my youngest brother birthday .
Since still got blueberry jam inside d fridge, this is the simple & easiest cake .....

Muffin Blueberry

Try ready made blueberry mix that I bought from Bake With Yen.
Easy .. & lazy .. hehe..

Buttercream Cake Deco - Kak Min's Class 18.7.09

Attended class with Kak Min again but this round is for
buttercream cake & cup cake.

The making of ..

Tara ..... dah siap ..


Rabbit with big nose & teeth

Lazy clown

Moist Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake with ganache topping .. just cake + topping .. no deco.

Prune Cake

With simple recipe I bake this cake. I use Sunsweet Pitted Prune .. hmmm.. is really one of my favourite recent cakes. I have another 2 unsealed Sunsweet Pitted Prune Canister. Don't know when to bake another round of the cake

Fondant Cup Cake Deco Kak Min's class on 13.6.09

Designs during attending the class. First time learning to know what is fondant. Likes play with playdoh .. Jgn tak percaya..I still kept the figurine until now. Sayang nak buang. It still ok .. I kept in fridge.

With mama cup cake. Eksen je tuh.